About IguVerse

Learn what our app is all about. If you encounter any difficulties reading due to the use of the crypto-specific lingo, refer to the glossary below.
IguVerse is a Web3 application that connects the worlds of crypto and social media to let pet owners and pet lovers from all over the world earn rewards with their social media activities.
In the past, pet lovers had no ability to monetise their social media without having a big following while their data has been being sold and bought with little oversight from them. Our app challenges this standard — now everyone can earn by doing simple tasks they love doing anyway!
IguVerse is even more than just activities on social media. We prioritize our socialize-to-earn mode, where users complete tasks on social networks to get rewards but also include move-to-earn and play-to-earn mechanics that make your gaming experience more diverse. While move-to-earn motivates users to lead a healthy lifestyle by walking their real or virtual pet, play-to-earn lets them have fun in a classic arcade game. In addition to this wide variety of mechanics, we provide access to an integrated DEX (decentralized exchange) and a marketplace, where users can trade their coins and NFTs.
To enter our game, you need to adopt a virtual pet — an NFT pet you can create with your own design in mind! Our NFTs 2.0, as we call them, set a new standard by utilizing AI (artificial intelligence) to process unique user input and create NFTs based on it.

Mini-glossary for crypto newbies

Crypto term
A public ledger that uses cryptography to be decentralized and permissionless. A blockchain is distributed on many computers and cannot be controlled by a single entity
Not controlled by one party. In case of blockchain, all transactions are recorded by consensus of many parties.
DEX (decentralized exchange)
An exchange where you can convert tokens (cryptocurrencies). Unlike traditional exchanges, all transactions take place on the blockchain
A form of asset on the blockchain
(NFT) marketplace
A marketplace where you can sell and buy NFTs
A tokenized representation of some virtual or real object on the blockchain. As tokens, NFTs are unique and non-replicable, although their objects might not be
With no central entity which could validate, revert or make transactions not approved by users
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