The game modes

An overview of our main mechanics
The IguVerse app includes three game modes that allow users to receive rewards by performing certain actions: socialize-to-earn, move-to-earn and play-to-earn.
In the game, users need to take care of their NFT pet, that is, keep the pet healthy and increase their energy balance, which is converted into $IGUP tokens. Each game mechanic involves unique tasks that you can complete to replenish energy. All the game modes have diffrent contributions to the daily pool of obtainable energy.
The app also includes a variety of PvP games that utilize the $(V)IGU token. Most of them allow users to recieve tokens by exercising their skill and intuition. Learn more in a separate section.


Energy is a value between 0 to 100 (%) that indicates what percentage of their maximum possble reward a user can earn, which is based on NFT pet collection power. Energy is zeroed for every player who has reached the 60 percent energy threshold at 00:00 UTC. If the user hasn't reached the energy threshold, the user's energy balance will be halved and the remaning balance retained.


This mechanic involves social media activities on Instagram, TikTok and other social media (to be revealed later). An example of a socialize-to-earn task could be sharing your pet photo on Instagram. Socialize-to-earn generates up to 70% of energy.


Move-to-earn promotes a healthy lifestyle by motivating users to walk their real and virtual pets regularly. One walk a day is enough to fully complete the task and keep yourself healthy. Move-to-earn lets users replenish 15% of energy.


Get rewards by playing a fun arcade game that is designed to give you a diverse but immersive gaming experience. Play-to-earn accounts for 15% of energy.
Completing tasks does not only generate energy but also improves your NFT stats, such as XP.

Starting the journey

Once you have your account set up, that is completed the sign-up process and created a wallet, as well as minted an NFT pet, you are ready to complete the tasks and earn. Have a look at the detailed description of the game modes to learn how: