Energy-reward conversion

Energy is a value between 0 to 100 (%) that indicates what percentage of the user's total rewards will be earned in the current game iteration.
A game iteration is a 24-hour period between 00:00:00 UTC and 23:59:59 UTC.
Energy is a relative value: the same amount of energy would result in different rewards based on the NFT pet collection power, which is calculated from the following parameters:

Reward calculation

How we calculate your rewards:
  1. 1.
    Rewards for each individual pet: PetReward = (Health/100)(RankReward * (1 + 0.01*Level)), where RankReward is determined by the NFT Rank and Level (a number between 1 and 10 that represents your NFT Level) and Health is your pet's health.
  2. 2.
    Rewards for all pets are the sum of individual pet rewards: TotalPetReward = sum(PetRewards)
  3. 3.
    Total Reward is calculated through multiplying by the total boost (referral and staking) and the energy: TotalReward = TotalPetReward*(1 + DailyRefBoost + DailyStakingBoost)* (Energy/100),where DailyRefBoost, DailyStakingBoost are percentages described in the game that are divided by 100.
  4. 4.
    Realized Reward is calculated by subtracting charity donations, as well as adding first-line and second-line referral rewards: RealizedReward = TotalReward*(1 - Charity)+ (0.02 * FirstLineRefRewards) + (0.01 * SecondLineRefRewards), where Charity is a percentage devided by 100 and FirstLineRefRewards and SecondLineRefReward are the rewards earned from first-line and second-line referees.
If the energy balance exceeds 60, the user's energy is zeroed and converted into $VIGUP rewards for every player at 00:00 UTC. Otherwise, it is halved and the remaining energy balance is retained in the next game iteration.

Releasing the rewards

$VIGUP tokens represent $IGUP tokens that have either not been claimed yet or are locked according to the vesting schedule (lock-up period) determined by the NFT Rank. For example, one Starter Rank NFT in the collection would allow 7% of the current total rewards to be released per day. We introduced $VIGUP to facilitate reward accrual by making it off-chain: with $VIGUP, it takes only one transaction to receive the rewards.
New users have a 50% unlock rate for several days, depending on their NFT Rank. The period of time when this bonus is active is determined by the general NFT unlock rate. If an NFT has the unlock rate of 10% and, consequently, the unlock period of 10 days, then the bonus will last for 10/2 = 5 days, half the unlock period. Let's examine the distibution of rewards for an NFT of the Rare Rank (10% daily unlock) with 100 HP and 100 energy earned each day.
Daily Reward
Unlocked Reward
All Unlocked Rewards
All Balance
Day 1
+948.15 (day 1)
Day 2
+1896.3 (from days 1+2)
Day 3
+1896.3 (from days 2+3)
Day 4
+1896.3 (from days 3+4)
Day 5
+1896.3 (from days 4+5)
Day 6
+1137.78 (from days 5+6)
Day 7
+379.26 (from days 6+7)
Day 8
+568.89 (from days 6+...+8)
Day 9
+758.52 (from days 6+...+9)
Day 10
+948.15 (from days 6+...+10)
Day 11
+1137.78 (from days 6+...+11)
Day 12
+1327.41 (from days 6+...+12)
Day 13
+1517.04 (from days 6+...+13)
Day 14
+1706.67 (from days 6+...+14)
Day 15
+1896.3 (from days 6+...+15)
As we can see from the example, the daily unlock increases in the first days up after the bonus until it reaches the value (fluctuating if daily rewards are not constant) close to the average daily reward. This happens because after a certain period of time (10 days in the example) the sixth reward is fully paid out — in this case, there can only be 10 pending daily rewards on the same day. Thus, the user starts to receive the value closely fluctuating around their average daily reward each day. To simplify, in this example, the daily reward is paid with a 10-day lag. The lag depends on the NFT Rank, which determines the unlock rate.
One of the use cases for rewards is feeding your pet NFT (the other is the Level-up). Your virtual pet has a health of 100 and loses 10 points each day. In order to heal, the pet needs to be fed by using the Reward Token which can be won in games or bought right in the app. The percentage of daily rewards used for healing depends on the NFT Rank. Nevertheless, healing your virtual pet 10 times is always 50% cheaper than restoring the NFT.
Lower Health decreases your rewards proportionally!
Such a design leads to a "cascading effect" that improves sustainability: token unlocks are gobbled up by feeding your virtual pet. However, if the user is consistent in completing tasks, they will soon have enough tokens being unlocked each day, so that this amount would be higher than the tokens burnt by feeding the pet.