๐Ÿช™Introducing the IguVerse wallet

IguVerse supports its own built-in wallet, as it massively facilitates integration with the game and is convinient both for crypto veterans and newbies. The wallet is separated into four "subwallets" which are basically tabs with the view of different types of items in the wallet:

  • The Main Wallet. Users can view the four main crypto assets relevant for the game in the main wallet: $BNB, $IGU, $IGUP and $BUSD. Naturally, the wallet is 100% on-chain and can store any coin available on BSC, but the in-app view is limited only to tokens necessary for the app.

  • The NFT Wallet. Shows your NFT pets and items.

  • The Reward Wallet. This wallet is where all your $VIGUP tokens will be visible.

  • The Gaming Wallet. Stores tokens for PvP acitvities and interacts with PvP games.

The role of the different IguVerse tokens

$IGU, $IGUP, $VIGU and $VIGUP are the tokens that are designed to be the veins of the game economy.

  • $IGU is the governing token of the game. It is designed to make it possible for users to influence the development of the app, as well as to support some important game functions. With $IGU, you can mint NFTs, upgrade your NFT Rank, restore unusable NFTs, play PvP and much more!

  • $IGUP serves as the game reward token. In the end, you will receive $IGUP as your prize for completing the tasks in the app. $IGUP can be also used for NFT Level Ups, buying NFT upgrades and feeding your pets (restoring pet's health if it's not 0).

  • $VIGUP and $VIGU are virtual tokens that entitle you to claim the real tokens in the future with a one-to-one peg to it. These tokens are virtual in the sense that they are off-chain. All the numerous transactions can be "bundled" into one transaction on the blockchain.


When importing or creating your wallet, you will have to enter your seed-phrase, which is not considered safe in the blockchain space. Although it is definitely a bad practice to type your seed-phrase into a random dApp, sometimes it is necessary: for example, when using a wallet. As we host an in-game wallet, your seed-phrase is needed to be able to initiate transactions with it (this is the case with Metamask or any other non-custodial wallet too). Nevertheless, we do not have access to your seed-phrase!

The seed-phrase is stored securely in an encrypted form in Key Store. The server does not access the client's seed phrase in any way, it sends a signed url which the client signs with their private key (the seed phrase) that is stored on the client's device. The server cannot use the seed phrase, as it only has the public address of the wallet.

All IguVerse smart contracts have been audited by CertiK. The application code has not been audited since it is not open-source and we do not plan make it open source.

To simplify, the seed-phrase is stored on your device, and we cannot access it.

If you have any doubts about the security of our app, create a new wallet in the app and do not import your own.

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