๐Ÿค–Creating your virtual pet

A virtual pet is necessary to enter the game. You can create one by minting an NFT in one of the following ways:

To create an NFT, you'll first need to choose the NFT Rank of your virtual pet. Read Rank, Level and XP to learn what Rank is.

Due to App Store's policies on commission fees, minting a pet is cheaper in the Android and Web versions. Use one of those to save on mint prices!

Mint an NFT from a Pet Photo

Follow the guide below to use a photo of a real pet to mint an NFT:

  1. Take a photo of your pet right away or upload one from your gallery.

  2. The pet will be cut out from the background.

  3. Choose a background from the ones presented. You can change the position of your pet if needed.

  4. Give a name to your virtual pet.

  5. Once the transaction is verified, the mint is completed!

Mint an NFT from Your Imagination

Do the following steps to test the power of your imagination and create a fully virtual pet:

Note that it is possible to randomize your pet characteristics by taping the Randomize button.

  1. Choose the mandatory characteristics of your NFT pet: Animal Species and Type of Drawing

  2. Select the optional parameters: Maturity/Size, Color, Emotion, Accessories (2 max), Context and Style

  3. You will be offered four generated variants. Choose wisely!

  4. If you do not like the options, tap Retry to be prompted with a new set of generated images

  5. Proceed and think of the name for your virtual pet

  6. Complete the transaction

  7. Now you are a proud owner of a never-seen-before pet NFT!

Your NFT is automatically stored on the blockchain, and you will be able to transfer it between the wallets. The transfer of ownership is realized immediately.

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