Be an active social media user and earn
The socialize-to-earn game mode is all about your activity on social media. If you have an Instagram and/or TikTok account, you are ready to go. Share the content you want with PetID attached and earn rewards! We only allow open and real accounts for task completion in the socialize-to-earn mode.
Note that there are also certain requirements for the accounts elaborated here.
Socialize-to-earn energy generation yield is 70% of the daily energy pool.


PetID is a tiny strip that users place in the corner of the content shared by them to receive energy that acts as a unique image signature. PetID includes your NFT pet picture, a short text, a unique referral alphanumeric code and a QR-code that links to the game.
PetID is available for download in our app. Users can upload photos directly to social media platforms or use our app interface for attaching PetID and sharing it.
The Pet ID code is generated anew every day. If you use the previous Pet ID, your task completion won't be verified.
For the task to be verified, at the time of task completion Pet ID should always be present in its unmodified form in the Story and easily identifiable. All the corners of the Pet ID image should be visible. No cropping, painting over, concealment or other modification of Pet ID or its parts is allowed! Attempts to bypass the system or modify Pet ID may result in a complete or temporary blocking of the user's game account. You can learn more here.

Socialize-to-earn tasks

The mechanic includes two kinds of task that have different energy yield and that together resemble the Hide-and-Seek game:

Socialize-to-earn Share

Users need to share content (picture/text) with PetID visible in them on their social platform of choice. Once posted, other players will be able to verify the existence of the post, so that the poster could get their rewards. A consensus of four people is needed to receive energy.
We recommend users to complete the social task not later than 15:00-16:00 UTC, as it usually takes between 6-12 hours depending on user activity to check it. If you complete it later, it might not get verified in time!
Although users are expected to share pet pictures, we do not have any requirements to the content posted apart from it being legal and proper.
Socialize-to-earn Share accounts for 50% of energy.

Socialize-to-earn Verify

Socialize-to-earn Verify utilizes a peer-to-peer model where players verify other players' actions and there is no middleman between them. Players will need to find the Pet ID shared for the completion of the Socialize-to-earn Share task and manually type the unique code from PetID.
Socialize-to-earn Verify replenishes 20% of energy.
When changing the TikTok or Instagram account for the social task, make sure you've completed the social task with your previous account. You cannot change the account instantly, as it will only be accessible in the next game iteration. So, first complete the social task, then change the account and only in the next game iteration you'll be able to complete the task with the new account.