Virtual pets explained

A virtual pet is a representation of a real or imaginary pet that would accompany you in all in-game activities. A virtual pet is created in the app by minting an NFT.
An NFT is a tokenized representation of some virtual or real object on the blockchain. As tokens, NFTs are unique and non-replicable, although their objects might not be.
The NFT creation process is thoroughly elaborated in the next section. In a nutshell, the NFT pet is either created from a pet photo or with the help of our AI technology that lets you design whatever image you want.
The well-being of your virtual pet is linked to the activity in the game. Each NFT pet has a health bar that is decreased daily if the user does not earn enough rewards to provide the pet with energy. If the health bar goes to 0, the NFT becomes unusable and needs to be restored with one of our tokens, $IGU.
The virtual pet has such characteristics as Rank, Level and XP that can be improved throughout the game. They influence the user's rewards and can be upgraded by being active in the app and spending tokens.