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PvP Games

Transactions in all PvP games are processed in the $(V)IGU tokens. Three of the four of the existing games are token-based, while one of them is NFT-based. To take part, users need to transfer their tokens to the Gaming Wallet.
The Mystery Of Likes
Intuition and skill pave the way to victory
Users need to guess the number of likes for NFTs. Playing in pairs against each of others, players stake tokens with the winner taking all of them. The minimum stake is 5 $(V)IGU.
In each round, players will make guesses about five different NFTs. Users will be presented with several options, each representing the potential amount of likes. It is possible to join vacant games or create your own game rooms.
NFT Evolution
A game where mutations work in our favour
An NFT-based game, where you can breed your NFT-creations, in order to produce another NFT. Naturally, existing NFTs stay in your collection.
The price of the NFT mint is 40% less than the price of the next NFT Rank. You can recieve each Rank with a certain probability with the distribution favouring the next Rank. Still, getting it is not guaranteed!
The Grand Race
Coming Soon
The Beauty Pageant
Coming Soon
Playing PvP allows users to receive additional incentives, which are referred to as PvP Bonus. The PvP bonus is taken from all the comissions in the app and is devided between PvP players according to their turnover in PvP games. To calculate the incentives each day, previous day turnover is used.